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Scorpion EXO-1100 Motorcycle Helmets

Scorpion Motorcycle Helmets

Scorpion EXO-1100 Motorcycle Helmets

Scorpion EXO-1100 Helmets

The EXO-1100 Helmet is Scorpion's replacement for the extremely popular EXO-1000. The upgrades and improvements over the EXO-1000 are immediately evident. The ventilation on the Scorpion EXO 1100 Helmet is markedly improved over the EXO-1000 and new Kwikwick 2 liner system is fully removable and washable with better moisture-wicking capabilities and a softer finish.

The Scorpion EXO-1100 still has all of the top of the line features including the SpeedView retractable sun visor, AirFit inflatable cheekpads, Everclear face shield, and SpeedShift shield change system. Scorpion has optimized this helmet to keep it at the forefront of the mortorcycle helmet market.

Scorpion Motorcycle Helmets - Get stung

Scorpion EXO-1100

The all new full-featured Scorpion EXO-1100 has been redesigned and optimized to strengthen it's position as a superior motorcycle helmet.

Helmet Model: EXO 1100
Helmet Sizes: XS - XXL
Helmet Certifications: ECE, DOT 218

Scorpion EXO-1100 Freedom Helmet Scorpion EXO-1100 Kranium Helmet Scorpion EXO-1100 Preciosa Helmet
EXO-1100 Freedom EXO-1100 Kranium EXO-1100 Preciosa
Scorpion EXO-1100 Street Demon Helmet Scorpion EXO-1100 Solid Helmet  
EXO-1100 Street Demon EXO-1100 Solid  


ScorpionExo® is, quite simply, the next wave in motorcycle helmets

ScorpionExo® Helmets are crafted by some of the world's most talented helmet designers with almost 200 years of collective experience. Their outrageous, innovative graphic designs are the result of being in the midst of extreme-sports hot spots all over the world, from Europe to Southern California, to stay ahead in the ever advancing realm of motorcycle helmet design and manufacturing.

The Scorpion Sports facility is a giant state-of-the-art campus manned by over 700 uber-skilled technicians, each one dedicated to designing and delivering the world's best motorcycle helmets. Just about every facet of manufacturing required to build these world-class helmets is located within the Scorpion Sports facility. The processes for fiberglass/Kevlar™ and polycarbonate shell molding, EPS liner manufacturing, liner sewing, water-decal production, clean-room paint booths, drying rooms, assembly, packaging and shipping are all completed in-house.

Lots of helmet brands simply private-label helmets purchased from generic mass manufacturers and/or sub-contract major portions of their processes to smaller vendors. Scorpion does not - they take care to oversee every operation down to every last detail to insure optimum quality, superior integrity and unmatched efficiency.

Scorpion EXO-1100 Motorcycle Helmets

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