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AGV Donkey Helmet - Valentino Rossi

AGV Motorcycle Helmets

Valentino Rossi and his 2009 Misano Donkey Helmet

AGV GP-Tech Donkey Helmet

Valentino Rossi appeared with yet another unique helmet for his hometown GP race in Misano. This year, the helmet sported a prominent picture of a donkey - Rossi's own interpretation of himself after his crash in Indianapolis the week prior.

Helmet Graphics:

The Donkey helmet, another design by Aldo Drudi, features a large donkey on the top of the helmet with the number 46 on either side. The base color of the helmet is blue, and on the back is a cartoon interpretation of Valentino's dogs, Cesare and Cecilia, who are wearing donkey ears. The Back also features the phrase 'El Sumer' which is the Romagna translation of 'The Donkey' and the words “The Donkey” written where normally it would say “The Doctor” (and in the same style). The trademark sun and moon are on the sides of the chin.

Helmet Model: GP-Tech
Helmet Sizes: XXS - XXXL
Helmet Certifications: ECE 22-05, DOT
Helmet Weight: 3.44 lbs (1560 grams)

Helmet Design and Features:

  • SSL (super super light) Kevlar/Carbon Shell in three sizes.
  • Dual Density inner shell (E.P.S.).
  • IVS integrated ventilation system; Channels built directly into shell and E.P.S.
  • Fully removable, washable Coolmax® lining with Sanitized® antibacterial hygienic treatment.
  • Cheekpads and linings interchangeable to allow for a perfect custom fit.
  • Race-X racing visor, Anti Scratch, Anti Fog 100% UV protection.
  • XQRS; Extra Quick Release System, visor changing in seconds with no tools.
  • Ready for Racing Kit Visor (permanent fixing of visor to base plates).
  • Special visor micro adjustment chin vent for maximum de-misting.
  • Aerodynamic “teardrop shaped” shell, designed for minimum drag/lift, offering superior comfort and low noise.
  • Double D-Ring retention system.
  • Tear off’s included.
  • Removable and washable neckroll with a Scotchlite® reflective panel built in.
  • Removable chin curtain
  • Removable nose protector
  • Sizes XXS-XXXL
  • Expected delivery late January 2010 (subject to change)


Valentino Rossi's AGV Donkey Helmet

AGV Helmets

Valentino Rossi at 2009 Misano race with his Donkey Helmet

Where to buy the AGV GP Tech Rossi Donkey Helmet......


Donkey graphics are now available in the K3 helmet version.

Only 300 to be produced


The AGV GP Tech Rossi Donkey helmet is available as a limited edition of 300

Valentino Rossi wearing his 2009 Donkey Helmet

Valentino Rossi Donkey Helmet Right Side

Valentino Rossi Donkey Helmet Left Side

Valentino Rossi Donkey Helmet Back View

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Valentino Rossi Replica Helmets - 2009 MotoGP Season - AGV GP-Tech Rossi Donkey Helmet

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