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AGV GP-Tech Motorcycle Helmets

AGV Motorcycle Helmets

AGV GP-Tech Motorcycle Helmets

AGV GP-Tech Helmets

The latest and best venting helmet we have ever offered. Valentino Rossi himself helped them design this one! The GP Tech is also the first helmet AGV ever produced with 3 shell sizes ensuring a great fit for everyone.

Adjustable cheek pads and liners will help you find the right combination to fit your size and shape head. The shell is made from Carbon and Kevlar using our SSL Technology. AGV has increased the number of vents and improved the porting in their integrated vent system to improve the air flow through the helmet. They do this by using a 2 piece EPS that allows them to mold channels in the inner and outer parts of the helmet to help improve the air flow through the helmet. What this means is that the GP Tech has the most efficient cooling system on the market.

A passion for designing, engineering and developing successful helmets which will never end... no more, no less!

AGV helmets - Legendary Helmets

AGV GP Tech Helmets

The latest and best venting helmet AGV has ever offered. Valentino himself helped design this one! Features 3 intake vents and 5 exhaust vents.

Helmet Model: GP-Tech
Helmet Sizes: XXS - XXXL
Helmet Certifications: ECE 22-05, DOT
Helmet Weight: 3.44 lbs (1560 grams)

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GP Tech 5 Continents GP-Tech Chicken Helmet GP Tech Combat (Multi)
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GP Tech Stripes GP-Tech Valentino's Eye LE  

AGV Helmets - true milestones in the history of motorcycle helmets

Since the beginning AGV's history has been directly linked to many of riders who have made motorcycle history: Giacomo Agostini, Barry Sheene, Kenny Roberts, Johnny Cecotto, Angel Nieto, Marco Lucchinelli, Franco Uncini, Fausto Gresini, Niki Lauda, Emerson Fittipaldi, Randy Mamola, and Luca Cadalora. These co-operations have brought many victories to AGV and over 130 World Championship Titles, in addition to the definitive establishment of the AGV brand name on a global scale.

AGV's proud history speaks for itself. The association they have had with some of the sports top racers has always kept them searching for new and innovative ideas and kept their development at the top of its game! Their race category of helmets are made of the latest materials that combine all of the elements you want on the track. A great fit for a comfortable feel, light weight to reduce fatigue, aerodynamic shape to reduce drag and buffeting the most venting available and great styling. All helmets in this category come with Cool Max interiors and a flush mounted quick release, tool less shield system. All come with tearoffs and a flat race shield for a track ready helmet right out of the box! Most importantly all AGV race helmets are hand made and are held to the highest quality control standards as well as the worlds toughest safety certifications.

AGV helmets are the result of over 60 years of hard work in finding the best solution in terms of safety and design. A tradition carried on by some of the most important riders of all times who helped AGV to make motorcycling history. Among them the 9 times World Champion Valentino Rossi, who is wearing an AGV helmet since the beginning of his thrilling career.

A passion for designing, engineering and developing successful helmets which will never end... no more, no less!

AGV Helmets

Legendary motorcycle helmets

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