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AFX FX-90 Motorcycle Helmets

AFX Motorcycle Helmets

AFX FX-90 Helmets

AFX FX-90 Helmets

AFX offers an extensive motorcycle helmet line that is full-featured, attractive, highly functional, yet still affordable.

AFX's aggressive FX-90 helmet makes no compromises, giving safety, style and features at a price that's sure to amaze. The FX-90 helmets feature cutting edge graphics and a wide variety of colors to suit your style. If you are looking for a good quality helmet with kick-ass graphics for well under $100, you've just hit the jackpot.

AFX Motorcycle Helmets - Turn heads with the helmet you wear.


AFX’s aggressive FX-90 helmet makes no compromises, giving safety, style & features at a phenominal price.

AFX Motorcycle Helmets - AFX FX-90
AFX FX-90 Dare Helmet
AFX FX-90 Dark Angel Helmet
AFX FX-90 FX-90 Dare FX-90 Dark Angel
AFX FX-90 Dragon Helmet AFX FX-90 Freedom Helmet AFX FX-90 Multi Helmet
FX-90 Dragon FX-90 Freedom FX-90 Multi
AFX FX-90 Rebel Flag Helmet AFX FX-90 Scalar Helmet
AFX FX-90 Shade Helmet
FX-90 Rebel FX-90 Scalar FX-90 Shade
AFX FX-90 Skull Helmet AFX FX-90 Zombie Helmet  
FX-90 Skull FX-90 Zombie  


AFX was born from a growing dissatisfaction with the state of the motorcycle helmet industry

During the mid-90s, the company's founders felt that consumers were receiving less helmet for the dollar than ever before as prices inflated annually without any tangible innovations or improvements to justify them.

Starting from a "clean-sheet" approach, AFX entered the North American marketplace in the fall of 1996 with a product line of 8 reasonably priced, fully featured models. While providing customers with maximum 'bang for the buck' is simple in concept, this approach to product design demands continuous refinements and innovations in helmet design, and improvements in manufacturing capabilities. Over the past dozen years, AFX has proven to be up to the challenge, always staying one step(if not more) ahead of the competition.

AFX has excelled at finding the right balance between helmet stylishness, functionality and affordability as the product line has expanded to include dozens of offerings. As such, the company has enjoyed strong and consistent growth, thanks in part to a strong distribution network in the United States and Canada, as well as to the enthusiastic response the company has received from dealers who've found that AFX helmets are not only quality products, but hot sellers.

AFX Motorcycle Helmets

Turn heads with the helmet you wear.


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