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Bell Vortex Motorcycle Helmets

Bell Motorcycle Helmets

Bell Vortex Motorcycle Helmets

Bell Vortex Helmets

The Vortex is every bit the helmet you'd expect of the Star's little brother. Developed in Bell's state-of-the-art Santa Cruz, Calif. design center, the Vortex borrows heavily from the Star, using its Velocity Flow Ventilation™ with Flow Adjust™ for amazing ventilation and temperature control, as well as Click Release, the reigning world champ in shield ease-of-use. The lightweight Polycarbonate shell is molded into a stable, wind cutting shape, and comfort is in no short supply with contoured cheek pads and a plush removable comfort liner. Finish it off with a noise reducing wind collar and integrated speaker pockets and you have a complete package at a killer price.

Bell motorcycle helmets - Fully dedicated to the world of motorcycle helmets

Bell Vortex

Helmet Model: Vortex
Helmet Sizes: XS - XXL
Helmet Certifications: Snell M2010, DOT 218
Helmet Weight: 3.53 lbs (1600 grams)

Bell Vortex Archangel Helmet
Bell Vortex B-54 Motorcycle Helmet
Bell Vortex Flying Tiger Motorcycle Helmet
Vortex Archangel
Vortex B-54
Vortex Flying Tiger
Bell Vortex Greaser Helmet
Bell Vortex Grind Helmet
Bell Vortex RSD Apocalypse Helmet
Vortex Greaser
Vortex Grind
Vortex RSD Apocalypse
Bell Vortex Siege Motorcycle Helmet Bell Vortex Torn Helmet  
Vortex Siege Vortex Torn  


Bell Helmets - You don't own a helmet, you own a Bell

In 1955 a man named Cal Niday plowed into the retaining wall during the Indianapolis 500 and the first Bell comeback was officially underway. The impact fractured his skull, but the Bell helmet he was wearing saved his life.

Cal returned to racing a few months later. Bell has been engineering spectacular comebacks ever since. From a dirt track low side, to a Grand Prix high side, to the father of extreme sports rag-dolling across the Caesar's Palace parking lot, Bell was there when the world's best riders went down. And with innovations like energy-absorbing liners, the first full face motorcycle helmet, and more design patents than any helmet company in history, Bell has always been there to help them get back up again.

Over the years Bell earned enough trust to make their name synonymous with motorcycle helmets. In fact, you didn't have a helmet, you had a Bell.

Today Bell is fully rededicated to the world of motorcycle helmets. The spirit of invention born in the garage behind Roy Ritcher's old Bell Auto Parts Store is alive and kicking at Bell's state-of-the-art Santa-Cruz research and design lab.

Bell Motorcycle Helmets

Fully dedicated to the world of motorcycle helmets

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