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2012 Shark Helmets

2012 Shark Helmets

2012 Shark Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

2012 Shark Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

Shark helmets incorporate the latest in helmet building technology and sleek flowing design with field research done by top riders around the world. The end product is a Shark helmet that is strong, lightweight, comfortable, and will make you look fast even if you aren't a professional motorcycle racer! Carbon-fiber/aramid fiber multi-directional, composite shells, multi-element internal shock absorbers with differentiated density, and integrated airducts to channel airflow through Shark helmets are just a few of the special features that make Shark helmets stand out from the crowd. Shark helmets are competitive with top helmet manufacturers for performance, accessibility, and price. Many world-class racers like MotoGP rider Randy De Puniet are now using the raw power and ferocity invoked by the name . . . Shark!

New 2012 Shark Helmets

Shark Race-R Pro

The new, high-end SHARK Race-R Pro is constructed from carbon/aramid fibers, was initially developed for Shark's top level racers

Helmet Model: Race-R Pro
Helmet Sizes: XS - XL
Helmet Certifications: ECE 22-05, DOT
Helmet Weight: 2.75 lbs (1250 grams)

Shark Race-R Pro Corser Replica Helmet Shark Race-R Pro Solid Helmet Shark Race-R Pro Kimbo Helmet
Race-R Pro Corser Replica Shark Race-R Pro Solid Shark Race-R Pro Kimbo
Shark Race-R Pro Stinger Helmet Shark RSF 3 Prime Helmet Shark RSF 3 Smoke Helmet
Shark Race-R Pro Stinger Race R-Pro Redding Replica Race-R Pro De Puniet Replica

Shark Speed-R

The SPEED -R is a helmet specifically designed to meet the passionate demands of un-faired motorcycle riders.

Helmet Model: Speed-R
Helmet Sizes: XS - XL
Helmet Certifications: ECE 22-05, DOT
Helmet Weight: 3.20 lbs (1450 grams)

Shark Speed-R Ike Helmet Shark Speed-R Solid Helmet Shark Speed-R Redding Helmet
Shark Speed-R Ike Shark Speed-R Solid Shark Speed-R Redding

Shark Vision-R

The Shark Vision-R offers the panoramic eyeport of an open-face helmet creating one of the widest view angles currently on the market

Helmet Model: Vision-R
Helmet Sizes: XS - XL
Helmet Certifications: ECE 22-05, DOT
Helmet Weight: 3.20 lbs (1450 grams)

Shark Vision-R Syntic Helmet Shark Vision-R Solid Helmet Shark Vision-R BeCool Helmet
Shark Vision-R Syntic Shark Vision-R Solid Shark Vision-R BeCool
Shark Vision-R BeCool Lumi Helmet Shark Vision-R High Vis Helmet Shark Vision-R High Vis Helmet
Shark Vision-R BeCool Lumi Shark Vision-R High Vis Shark Vision-R Stripes

SharkExo® is, quite simply, the next wave in motorcycle helmets

SharkExo® Helmets are crafted by some of the world's most talented helmet designers with almost 200 years of collective experience. Their outrageous, innovative graphic designs are the result of being in the midst of extreme-sports hot spots all over the world, from Europe to Southern California, to stay ahead in the ever advancing realm of motorcycle helmet design and manufacturing.

The Shark Sports facility is a giant state-of-the-art campus manned by over 700 uber-skilled technicians, each one dedicated to designing and delivering the world's best motorcycle helmets. Just about every facet of manufacturing required to build these world-class helmets is located within the Shark Sports facility. The processes for fiberglass/Kevlar™ and polycarbonate shell molding, EPS liner manufacturing, liner sewing, water-decal production, clean-room paint booths, drying rooms, assembly, packaging and shipping are all completed in-house.

Lots of helmet brands simply private-label helmets purchased from generic mass manufacturers and/or sub-contract major portions of their processes to smaller vendors. Shark does not - they take care to oversee every operation down to every last detail to insure optimum quality, superior integrity and unmatched efficiency.

Shark Motorcycle Helmets

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